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Pharmaceutical intermediates
Sep 20, 2017

Pharmaceutical  intermediates, in fact, some of the chemical synthesis process for the  use of some chemical raw materials or chemical products. This  chemical products, do not need the production license of drugs in the  ordinary chemical plant can be produced, as long as some of the level,  can be used for the synthesis of drugs. China's  annual demand and chemical raw materials and intermediates supporting  more than 2,000 kinds of demand for more than 2.5 million tons. After  years of development, China's pharmaceutical production required for  chemical raw materials and intermediates can be basically supporting,  only a small part of the need for imports. A  product generally 3 to 5 years after the market, its profit margins  will be a substantial decline, which forced enterprises must continue to  develop new products or continuous improvement of production processes  in order to maintain a high production profits; five is due to the high  profits of pharmaceutical intermediates In  the chemical products, both the production process is basically the  same, so there will be more and more small chemical companies to join  the ranks of the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, resulting  in increasingly competitive industry disorderly competition; six is  compared with the original drug production Intermediates  profit margins are low, and raw materials and pharmaceutical  intermediates in the production process is similar, therefore, some  enterprises have not only the production of intermediates, but also the  use of their own advantages, began production of raw materials.